Reg.No:-S/1L/No-70053 of 2010-2011.

Address: Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College Campus, P.O. Denguajhar, Dist. Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India


For first year students of selective years

Initiated from 2016


(Please read relevant information and rules mentioned in the webpage)

(*) - Star marked fields are essentially to be filled by the candidate.

(The sponsor of the scholarship is entitled to decide salient selection criteria, which is confidential. Out of the available applications, top ten students will be called for interview vide invitation email. Interview date and schedule shall be informed through invitation mail. Subject of interview can be academic or general, depending on decision of interviewers. Interview shall be held at JGEC campus. After interview, one/ two (max) successful students shall be selected for scholarship. Decision of sponsor, with prior information to Alumni Association, is ultimate and shall be accepted by all parties involved in this process. In case of extra ordinary cases, selection procedure may be altered by mutual understanding between sponsor and alumni association, without prior information to any other party other than sponsor and alumni association. Supporting documents of all above data (in original / attested true copy format) have to be presented only during interview. Candidates need to submit parent's family income and other direct family member's (real brother / sister only) income related reliable supporting documents during face to face interview process. Applicants shall note that minimum criteria for filling up application form are to score Average CGPA of 7.3 after 5th semester.


(For first year students of selective years, say 2017, 2021)

(Initiated by one of our alumnus in his parents name)

Above memorial scholarship Scheme is initiated as SNM Scholarship to help meritorious students fulfil their dream of becoming Engineer of JGEC despite financial constraints.

Who can apply :

i) First year Students of JGEC.

ii) Should have enthusiasm and zeal to excel as an engineer in spite of having financial challenges.

Amount of Scholarship:

INR 20,000 to one 1st year student.

Frequency : The student who is selected for the SNM Scholarship in his/her first year, he will continue to get this every year, subject to his/her renewal of qualifying conditions such as academic performance, social responsibilities, family income, etc.

When to apply : Within 30th September, every 4 year's span/ as informed by Alumni Association. For example, if the selection is conducted in the year 2017, then next selection will be held in 2021.

The first recipient of the scholarship is Rajesh Biswas, who got the scholarship first in FY 2015-16. After his passing out of college in 2017, next scholarship will be given to one 2017 intake batch student.

Top ten candidates selected

for interview for FY

Name Roll No
Arindam Nag 18101106019
Shubhra Dutta 1810115021
SOHEL RANA 18101103006
Hrittik Nandi 18101103004
Mongalmoy Karmakar 18101103028
Sumanta mandal 18101103061
Anirban sarkar 18101105022

Date of Interview for 10 ten candidates at JGEC campus

Selected Candidate for FY

Name Roll No


Mr. Nityananda Goswami & Mrs. Shantilata Goswami