Reg.No:-S/1L/No-70053 of 2010-2011.

Address: Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College Campus, P.O. Denguajhar, Dist. Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India



Sponsored By Mr. Premangshu Ghosh (Initiated from 2013)


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(The sponsor of the scholarship is entitled to decide salient selection criteria, which is confidential. Out of the available applications, top ten students will be called for interview vide invitation email. Interview date and schedule shall be informed through invitation mail. Subject of interview can be academic or general, depending on decision of interviewers. Interview shall be held at JGEC campus. After interview, one/ two (max) successful students shall be selected for scholarship. Decision of sponsor, with prior information to Alumni Association, is ultimate and shall be accepted by all parties involved in this process. In case of extra ordinary cases, selection procedure may be altered by mutual understanding between sponsor and alumni association, without prior information to any other party other than sponsor and alumni association. Supporting documents of all above data (in original / attested true copy format) have to be presented only during interview. Candidates need to submit parent's family income and other direct family member's (real brother / sister only) income related reliable supporting documents during face to face interview process. Applicants shall note that minimum criteria for filling up application form are to score Average CGPA of 7.3 after 5th semester.


is sponsored by

Mr. Premangshu Ghosh

(JGEC, Electrical 1979).

PES Scheme is established to help Electrical engineering students who have faced financial hardship and wish to complete the undergraduate education with an attitude to fulfil social responsibilities. The purpose of this scholarship is to help students understand how an achiever can struggle to pursue his dream and how an achiever can reciprocate his values for uplifting the future generation. Theme behind this scholarship is to portray the message "Our responsibility as privileged human beings is to pay back for the opportunities we've received"

Who can apply : 3rd year Electrical Engineering Student who has successfully completed 5th Semester in Undergraduate Electrical Engineering Degree Course with an average CGPA 7.3 and yet to Appear 6th Semester on the same curriculum.

Age criteria : Upper limit 22 years 0 days on 31st March of selection year.

Amount of Scholarship : INR 12,000 to one 3rd year Electrical engineering student.

When to apply : Within 31 March, every year

Top ten candidates selected for

interview for FY

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Mr. Premangshu Ghosh

Premangshu Ghosh is a 1979 Electrical Engineering graduate. Initiating career with Bhaba Atomic Research Centre, Trombay (24 th Batch) Premangshu decided to directly serve the industry and joined Reliance Industries Ltd, Mumbai ,Petro chemical complex projects division. Accomplishing few major projects in Reliance Industries, he left for South Korea and started working with offshore engineering division of Hyundai (HHI) and later with Daewoo(DHI). There after, Premangshu relocated to Singapore where he worked over a decade with global Engineering Consultants like Kellogg Brown & Root (Halliburton), Foster Wheeler, ABB Lummas and Jacobs Engineering. Afterwards he moved to Middle East and joined the New Field Division of ADMA OPCO- the oil and gas producer of the United Arab Emirates-ADNOC Group. Premangshu presently lives in Abu Dhabi and is a senior member of IEEE - PES, UAE Chapter, IES and CIGRE -GCC Region.