Reg.No:-S/1L/No-70053 of 2010-2011.

Address: Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College Campus, P.O. Denguajhar, Dist. Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India


From the President's desk

Dear Respected Alumnus of JGEC,


It is a great pride and at the same time huge honour and responsibility to get a chance to serve our Alma Mater through the JGEC Alumni Association. To take over from ParthaMoulikda, our first batch alumnus, itself is a big honour for me. Since the formation of the JGEC Alumni Association in 2010-11, it has come a long way within a short span of only seven years. The wholehearted cooperation and active participation of some of our dear alumnus has paved the way to move forward with a very positive attitude of helping our junior brothers and sisters in the form of various supports and encouragements. The most encouraging initiatives are:

1. "Bridging the Gap" movement to bring the theoretical knowledge and practical experience together
2. Technical innovative idea development through technical exhibitions
3. Arranging seminars on various fields by dignitaries from within and outside India
4. Providing Scholarships and other helps for the students
5. Promoting sporting events through Annual Cricket Tournament, El Equipo Trophy

We have to keep focus on continuing Clean Hostel drive to maintain hygienic living conditions for the young ones.

The most important project taken up by the JGEC Alumni Association is to build the state of the art facility named "Kanchenjunga" within the campus to facilitate the activities in a more intense and effective way.

My task as the newly elected President of the Alumni Association will primarily be to carry the Torch, lit by Parthada and his efficient team, forward in a decent manner and add a few more feathers to the cap in the years to come. In this journey I need the whole hearted cooperation from all especially the past and the present Executive Committee members, Alumnus from all walks of life, near and far. Without the help and cooperation from all it will be impossible for me to bring the dream of the JGEC Alumni Association to reality.

With heartiest congratulations to all.

Suprovat Chattopadhyay

Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College 1968 Batch

From Secretary's Desk

Dear Respected Alumnus,

Greetings from the Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association was established in 2010-11 at our campus during golden jubilee celebration of our beloved Alma Mater.

What is purpose of an alumni association? Our college had not alumni association in its own campus for around 50 years! It is strange, surprising and fact! Now one centralized approach has been initiated. The purpose of campus based alumni association is to work from the campus, work for the campus and work with the campus.It is established to promote the welfare of JGEC and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between the College and its alumni. The Associationthus creates a bridge between alumni and present generation students through a wealth of activities, continuing socio-economic initiatives and value added events.

We have got one of our most prestigious certificates from our beloved JGEC, for which we feel honoured. So if we want to give back to our beloved Alma Mater, then it is essential to work with the campus. We all know, our students stayed hundred miles away from major metro city. We all know how they spent their life at campus. So, can we not give them some support for their budding? We have not got those opportunities during our college days, as during our times there was no centralized alumni approach at our campus. That is the reason that we are trying to build our alumni association stronger. The alumni association is a platform where ex-students try to support present generation students with value based initiatives, by creating opportunities for growth and learning. We are here to share our experiences to our beloved present generation students so that they become ready to create opportunities and sustain in competitive market. We are here for giving back to our campus by creating brand for our college and by helping our present generation students.

In last few years, Alumni Association has taken various initiatives campus among which technology innovation challenge, scholarships, cricket tournament, regular workshops and seminars are notable.

The most challenging decision that Alumni Association has taken is to build state of the art Convention Centre, Kanchenjunga at our beloved campus. The Project Kanchenjunga is growing by leaps and bounds and we expect its ground floor to be declared open at the earliest. To taste the charm of stepping into our beloved Kanchenjunga in its operation we need a steady supply of fund as we are still far behind our targeted estimated value of the Project. I think this may be the right time to show gratitude for our Alma Mater and I appeal to my fellow alumnus to come forward and contribute for the Project Kanchanjunga.

Also, I would like to request all of you to stay connected with Alumni Association and our beloved JGEC campus.

Best Regards,

Dilip Kumar Roy

Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College 1984 Batch

Alumni Association

The Alumni association got registration on 22nd day of April 2010 from Registrar of Socities West Bengal Act XXVI of 1961 vide No:-S/L/70053 of 2010-11 after obtaining permission from Principal Dr. Jyotirmoy Jhampati to function from College Administrative Building in his letter to Mr.D. Sarkar, then President of the Alumni Association, dated 07/04/2010.

To achieve vision & mission, the Alumni Association shall have a broad based Executive committee comprising of representing any chapter, centre, area, group of member by way of invitation and or representation, representatives of teachings, non-teaching, students forums of the college, shall have the volume of members not exceeding 15(fifteen) and shall recommend, advice, suggest, forward its observations and programmes as are felt assessed helpful in attainment of objectives of the Association.